7 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities

There is nothing as exciting as doing the job you love and feeling happy in that job. With team building and all the other activities that may involve you and your colleagues, it is a great feeling. Many employees would always prefer Team building activities when told to think of something that can help be bond and be together. It is therefore essential for you to know some of the top 7 team building activities that your colleagues will genuinely love.

Battle of the  air bands

This involves splitting the team into a group of four, then pick a song that all of you know. From there, you can compete by performing the song. Whichever group that will sing it better or through lip-synching and use of an instrument in the best way possible will be the winning team.


This involves displaying your cooking skills. Each competing member is provided with the same ingredients to prepare a meal. The one with the best taste is the winner.

Egg drop

This involves building a device using a raw egg.

Blind retriever

This involves blindfolding every team member, and the team member that will direct the others to the hidden object while blindfolded will the ultimate winner.

Community service

You can engage yourself with the people in your community and do something together while putting a smile on their faces. This is a great way to give back to their community.

18 and under

This involves asking your team members of the achievements they have had in their lives before they turned 18 years old. The team with the least achievements is the winner.

No smiling

This activity involves telling your team member that no one should smile and watch to see who will last long her without smiling.
With these activities, you will surely make your team building a lively one – read article on what is the purpose of team building exercises.